Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hall Ball with Chloe

When Chloe needs a quick work out we play:

Hall Ball

Chloe is Very fast in her reactions.

The video shows a "hall ball" game of best of 10.  Normally we play first to 10.  If I get it by her, I get the point,  If she stops it, she gets the point.

She loves the game.


Radar Red Dog said...

Oh I just love that Rod...a new game for Radar & Rio...thank you!!!! Juliet
PS So when are you & Joanie coming to the UK then...the bed's still made up!

Ruby & Sophie said...

Simple and effective - I know what i'm playing tomorrow.

Cindy Mommsen said...

Too funny, we do the exact same thing with Turbie. She loves the ball, just like Chloe. That was a great video.