Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vizslas and Boats

The weather, just 30 miles east of Walnut Creek, out in the middle of the California Delta was great today.

Breakfast at the Pirate's Lair Cafe and Marina is always a wonderful way to start a Sunday.

After breakfast, we launched our boat and headed out into the heart of the Delta.

After about 30 minutes of cruising up the rivers to the northeast of where we started, we came across this little beach at the head of a small slough.
Chloe loves swimming and retrieving her ball.  No matter where a ball is thrown, Chloe is going to get it.  She swam for more than an hour.  In the video, she swims against a good current.


She shakes with desire when I get ready to throw the ball.
After about two hours we headed home.  Chloe takes on the role:
Dog is my co-pilot.

She was tired after such a fun time.  If she missed her brother Bailey, you wouldn't have been able to tell on this day.