Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yard training with Bailey

In the book : "Best Way to Train your Gun Dog - The Delmar Smith Method"

by Bill Tarrant there is a section on training Chapter 4 - Training Dumb - Naturally.

Well, for me the title rang true. I can do dumb real good.

In the section - "Pup'll Do in a Pinch", there was the following parts I'll share.

"Old pros break dogs. We make them. We situate Pup to self-train. And the first thing we teach is whoa. This phase of training's called yard work. That's exactly where it


Dogs assoicate anything bad that happens to them with the place it occurs......

YARD WORK DEMANDS A TOTALLY CONTROLLED TRAINING SITUATION. It'll be tight territory, tight collar, tight cord, tight lip. It'll be running a tight ship.........."

Bailey now on an every other day training schedule. He spends 20 minutes in the side yard with me on check cord and we do whoa drills with a dummy bird and a bird launcher.

It is starting to work but we will take our time. Lots of treats for correct behavior and praise. Some repositioning if he moves. We have 7 months to "break" Bailey to the flush. For Derby, the trials he is in now, we need the "big run."

We leave the open space running for a time that Delmar Smith calls "Happy Timing".

"Mum's the word, him running cordless, doing as he pleases."

Bailey has his "run back". He is out there bumping wild birds in the thick cover and sprinting from cover to cover. He and I are having a grand time. The only correction he gets with the training collar and whistle is when he gets behind me. Then it is two short beeps on the whistle and a light correction with the collar.

"Happy timing" is the best.

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