Sunday, December 13, 2009

Walking in the rain

Rain fell all weekend but that didn't slow us down.
We took some great walks in either a mist or a down right down pour.

We had a great walk along the Carquinez Straits trail with Diane and her 5-year-old Vizsla, Moose. There we met about a dozen other hearty souls enjoying the wet but mild weather with their dogs.

Tonight it was up to Shell Ridge for a quick hour walk. Bailey and Chloe love to run in this open space. We had the place to ourselves. Because of the heavy mist, birds were in abundance in the bushes.

This gave Bailey plenty of enjoyment flushing large flocks of dove, black birds and pigeons. They would explode into the air by the dozen.

Yesterday morning along the ridge, Bailey spied three deer in the valley. Off he went after them. These were his first deer that I recall him chasing.

When he was about 300 yards away in flight, I yelled out for him to "leave it" after I had dialed the training collar controller to high and pressed the momentary correction button. He quit his chase and returned to me.

I told him: "Poor Bailey, those darn deer, like coyote, goats and cows just must know how to shock you when he chase them! Maybe it's better just to leave them alone."

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