Sunday, December 27, 2009

Roading safely with Vizslas on bike

I have posted before on bike riding with our Vizslas. Here are a series of pictures taken on one of the neighborhood streets of South Lake Tahoe.

With a "Springer" attachment firmly attached to the seat post of my mountain bike, the dogs both run to my left.
This keeps the dogs close by but the spring action of the "Springer" takes away the side pull.

Good place to buy a "Springer"

Note in the above picture the following:

The quick release pin at the seat post. This allows you to remove the "Springer" in 2 seconds.

The plastic attachment to the line that is designed to break if the dog gets hung up on a pole so the dog does not get hurts.

The harness the dogs wear I got from Petco. These are leather harnesses sold with AKC brand. These are a must. Never use the dogs collar to do this. This can damage the dogs neck. Bailey and Chloe both pull and with a harness, the forces are spread correctly mostly along their chest.

The "Springer" is attached to both dogs with the use of a "Y" leash and a 20" plastic leash. I purchased these on line from

Each ride was safe and the dogs are very used to it now. When we left the house we rented to the marsh area or dog park, this is how we got there. The dogs could play with the harnesses on and the 20" leash and "Y" can be used to walk the dogs.

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