Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why a rookie owner/handler can beat pros

Experienced Vizsla friends have told me,
"Hey, rookie, hang in there doing field trials with Bailey. You can do well against the professional trainers and handlers."
The belief is that a Vizsla, because of the great bond the dog develops with its owner, will "walk through hell" for his or her master.
This same strong bond would not develop between the dog and a "pro."
Other pointing breeds, like German Shorthairs and English Pointers, don't seem to create this same great bond with their owners.

The more I am around my two young Vizslas, the more I am beginning to see what they mean.

On the drive back from the High Sierras, we stopped along the American River near the town of Coloma. Here the water was running quietly but steady along a rocky shore.
The water was quite chilly! The dogs came out of the Jeep and when I took the ball and threw it in the stream, they both went in without a hesitation.

Back they came to shore after retrieving the ball and wanted more. They so want to please me.

After five times in, that was enough. They needed toweling off for they were cold and shivering. If the first two pictures were video, you would see Bailey and Chloe shaking like leaves in the wind.

Bailey and Chloe give so much of themselves for me, that they deserve the my respect and love.

Vizslas are great dogs.

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Ken said...

Awesome Picture Rod! It's so illustrative of the bond you two share!