Monday, December 21, 2009

South Lake Tahoe water dog park

Ragan Park in on the eastern end of the Al Tahoe area of South Lake Tahoe. During the winter, you play on the frozen edge of the lake.
The little black dog playing with Chloe and Bailey is Rowdy, our granddog who just turned one.

To play in this wonderland is something I would recommend any Vizsla owner who lives any where near California to make the trip up to South Lake Tahoe one winter. If only for a long weekend.

The economy has really taken a toll on this area.
We had places to ourselves that in years past would have been crowded with hundreds of others.

The number of "pet friendly" houses for vacation rental are in abundance. The dog friendly water front is new this year.
Renting a house with well mannered dogs is easier than ever. We had a great and relaxing time.
We have had great luck finding rental houses on
VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner.


Cindy Mommsen said...

Ahhh...looks like a good time in the snow! We're heading up there next week, for some cross country skiing with the dogs. Can't wait!

Merry Christmas, cm.

mareandrose said...

Looks beautiful! Great pics. Will have to check out the pet friendly houses for rent.