Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow on the mountain

The snow very seldom comes to our little part of the world 25 miles east of San Francisco.
Had to get out this afternoon and snap a few pictures and of course let the dogs run free.

The dogs loved the cool moist earth. The little critters that live in the hill Chloe loves to dig up. She never has found a ground squirrel but loves to dig at their entrances.

Winter has arrived but with lows only in the 20's we are not complaining.


Radar Red Dog said...

Hi Rod - ah, doesn't that look pretty! Low 20's sounds chilly to me but I'd put up with it if we could have snow here...all we've got at the moment is rain, rain & more rain!! Can't wait for our skiing trip to France - it'll definitely be cold there...last year the lowest temperature we recorded was 10F! Juliet

Rod Michaelson said...


John was saying you were thinking of building an ark in the backyard if the rain keeps coming.

You could just drift over to France.

The snow in the Sierras is getting nice and thick. Plan to head to Tahoe later this month and play in the snow with the dogs. Maybe get a day on the slopes myself.

mareandrose said...

Beautiful pictures! We had snow about 15 min away and Rosie had a ball playing in it with a couple new friends. A rare treat I'd say!

Cindy Mommsen said...

Love the snow. We had a little dusting on the Northside of Tam, but there wasn't much left this afternoon. Can't wait for a play day in the snow!