Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Down time at a field trial

Hurry up and wait is the common pace at a pointing breed field trial.

You learn not to take a "schedule" too seriously EXCEPT if you are called to the line and you are not ready.

At the South Coast Vizsla Field Trial, I had one brace scheduled (ALGD) at 7:30am Saturday morning and next brace (OGD) at 3:30pm.  Our final brace (AGD) was scheduled Sunday at 10:00am.
First brace left right on time at the crack of dawn.  Our second brace got off the line at 4:20pm, just as the sun set, and Sunday's brace didn't start until 12:30.
This is just how the sport is.  Scheduling conflicts with judges or handlers and lost dogs out on the course are the most common problems with a trial moving along smoothly.  You end up expecting a certain number of these.

You learn, after doing this for awhile, to pass the time out away from the rest of the world with good conversation, long walks or a good book.

A good motor home makes down time much easier to handle.

For the holidays, I wanted to make sure each of you had a visual of a meth lab  so you can spot them in your neighborhood.

Visual below

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