Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Give Me Space" Vest

Lulu modeling her new "Dog in Training" vest

From Lulu's owner:  Posted on Hungarian Vizsla Forum:

So, in conjunction with this training, I bought this fantastic "Dog in Training - Please Give Space" vest. The letters are nice and big and it will hopefully keep well meaning dog lovers at bay :). And I like that the vest looks nothing like a service dog vest, since I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to pass her off for a service dog. I've attached a pic of Lulu in her new vest. I hope it will give me more confidence to work with her in busier places!

I'm mentioning this vest in the context of a fearful/reactive dog, but they'd also be great while working with those exuberant Vs who love everyone and just can't contain themselves when people or dogs are close by  :D. I like that the vest sends out a message that your dog isn't perfect, but a work in progress!

From the vest maker's website:

"The Pawsitive Dog, LLC is passionate about dogs. I have seen too many dogs left home alone because of their behavior in public. Genetics, lack of early socialization, fear, over-stimulation and even age can contribute to behaviors such as barking, lunging, jumping up, and trying to run away. These dogs may be fearful of strangers or new places, have space issues, or even be overly friendly and exuberant. It can be a challenge to work with your dog in public when well-meaning dog lovers are asking you questions and trying to pet your dog. This can create a lot of stress for you and the dog. Too often owners feel embarrassed by their dog's behavior. One of my goals is to help owners get over their fear of embarrassment, to relax and focus on training their dogs in a positive way. The "Dog In Training" Vest will help. By identifying that you are training your dog, you can relax and know that people will realize that you are working on your dog's problem behaviors. It will encourage people to give you and your dog some space so the dog is less likely to react from stress. Then you can control the environment a bit more; ask people if they are willing to let your dog greet them rather than have people approach the dog. When the owner, the dog, and the public are more relaxed, true learning and change can begin. I look forward to a world where human understanding creates better socialized dogs; where dogs and humans live in peace and harmony."
Cricket Mara


Tess Evans said...

can you give us the link to where to get one?

Carrie said...

Hi Tess, I'm Lulu's owner and got the vest from this website: