Monday, August 27, 2012

Junior Hunter Naturally

Belle and her dad Bailey last year 
"Dear Rod, I can't thank you enough for the vote of confidence you gave me to work my own dog. Flat out didn't think I was capable. And now, I want to do more. Our Belle has turned on her "lights" about birds, and she may never have known the pleasure of the experience, had it not been for your "try it, you may like it."

The greatest pleasure, besides pride in her efforts, is watching her natural ability out in the field, Coupled with the grace and style that Vizslas possess. Well it was a wonderful day, out in the field. Thanks again for your quiet support. One more pass for her Junior hunter title, and she is on her way.

I encourage anyone out there, to just try it. It may or may not be for you, but your dog will thank you all the way home." - Julie

RBD note:  Julie has owned and bred Vizslas since the early 70's.  Belle will be her first Junior Hunter.  Bailey and I are proud of both of them.  Belle has had NO formal training.  It truly is all natural ability.  She was a joy to watch.
Bailey Senior Hunt pass, Belle Junior Hunt pass


akgvizslainspiration said...

I may get flack from some trainers for wasting my time with juniors.. but I don't regret one minute of it. I LOVED going for our JH title, though there are very few rules I still learned a lot. It was truly the most fun we have had in the field... after that it has been a lot of training and rules, but I know once all that is out of the way we can have fun again as all will be learned and only reminders will be needed. So glad Julie tried it with her pup. Fun fun fun

Helen said...


I can't find an email address for you. I've been reading your blog, in particular your views on the statement that a Vizsla is a 'good family dog'.

I wondered if you believe a Vizsla can be happy with a young family? We have been thinking (very hard) about getting one to join our family. We have decided that now is a good time as I have no intention of working while the children are young, and so I will be around for the puppy years. We are very active, I walk most days with the kids anyway, and my husband goes for a run most evenings so fitting in exercise wouldn't be a problem, we have tried to consider everything such as making sure the puppy would have somewhere quiet to retreat to etc. The children are very good with animals and are very used to my parents bouncy Labrador, but as I said they are small.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Rod Michaelson said...

Helen, look at this article. Go to Hungarian Vizsla Forum and read some of the articles. Search "KIDS". We discuss that issue a lot.