Friday, August 12, 2011

The Art of Nail Trimming

When Bailey or Chloe walk across our hardward floors and I can hear the nails touching, I know it is time to trim the nails. 

Nail cutting was a problem for me.  Using cutters on nails worked but a few times of cutting and seeing blood and the dogs crying in pain told me there has to be a better way.  The dogs and I hated it. 

So when Chloe and Bailey were pups I sent away for the "Peticure" cordless nail grinder. The peticure videos are very informative.

Problem was the grinder motor was weak and the cordless battery would die quickly.
So what to do.  I had learned how to use the Pedicure and the dogs were ok with it.  I ended up throwing the grinder away and saved the "head" and installed it on my Dremel multi-speed tool.  Now I had power and control.

The head protects the surrounding area and the "window" is adjustable.  Bailey has BIG paws and needs a big hole.  Chloe has little paws and needs the smaller window. The sandpaper disc that came with the Pet-a-cure is the same you can get at any hardware store for the Dremel.

Nails are short.
I have the "nail trimming rug" that we always use.  The dogs know when it is nail trimming time and with many treats and patience we have gotten to the point that the dogs enjoy coming to the rug to get their nails trimmed.

Short nails are very important for hard driving dogs.  Long nails catch on things while running through fields and the hills. 
without protective cover

Just trimmed the dogs nails.  Chloe is now 4 and Bailey is 3.  They don't fight nail time. 

I have them sit for their front paws and then lay down belly up in my lap for the rear paws.  Patience and persistence is the key.  Grinding can cause heat, so just do a little on each nail and go to the next.  You might need to go over them three or four times. 

There is more to it but this is a start.


Anonymous said...

Nail time for Luna is always a battle.. But I have to take pride in the fact that I have never needed help and can get her nails done on my own. She has had her nails dremelled since she was a couple weeks old but still hates it. I probably will never know the real reason she hates it so much, as she is just Luna. But it gets done. They have gotten a little long due to various week lapses, but they are still shorter than most dogs. I am thinking about getting a good dog nail file and trying that. She is kinda funny about motors etc as a whole, she will do what I ask because she knows she has to, but she is not happy about it. I made a dremel video the last time I did it, if I get around to posting on the subject I will let you know.
Glad your two seem to enjoy it, Luna won't even take treats sometimes, like I said she is just quirky.
Good luck at the show! I need to finish Luna up, we need 3 more points. Hopefully we will finish before hunt season starts.

Beaverton Pet Clinic said...

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