Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Ready for the "Show"

Bailey living "the good life"
 Bailey is staying the week with my friend and Bailey's handler, Tiffany, getting ready for the Reno Dog Show this coming weekend.  I am actually excited about this.  He is having a great time.  I miss the knucklehead.
I'll head up to Reno for the show this weekend.  I have to stay in the background so Bailey will not be able to see me as Tiffany handles him in the ring.

Abbey and Bailey playing

"Hey Rod
As you can see, Abbey sure fancies Bailey. Rose is completely satisfied sitting on my lap while I read a good book.
I took Bailey and Barley for a nice walk around the block today. Bailey walks very well on the lead - totally showing my dogs up. Maybe I need to send my 3 to your house Rod! I stacked Bailey a few times when we stopped and he did fabulously.

 The best thing about being a handler, I’m the one person that gets to spoil them rotten so showing is the best thing EVER! I’m very excited about this weekend.

When I was putting the medicine on Bailey’s barbed wire wound, the thing came off on the cotton ball. The good news is, there is hair already growing underneath and a good judge can not fault a hunting breed for hunting scratches. I’m not concerned about it at all. He is a very handsome boy.
Stay tuned!

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Amanda said...

Cute shots! Good luck in the show :)