Saturday, August 6, 2011

Teeth Cleaned Professionally

 Bailey is going to his first confirmation show in a few weeks.  His teeth were brown with tartar that just refused to come off.  Now after a professional cleaning they shine.

Chloe got her teeth done also.  Chloe is a ball addict and has been since a pup.  Her teeth are blunt from the grit embedded in the tennis ball. They are now clean and blunt.

The veterinarian technician told me a sweet story when I picked up Bailey and Chloe.

She was watching as Bailey and then Chloe slowly came out from under the effects of the anaesthesia.  They had been put in the same kennel to recover.  Bailey had his teeth cleaning procedure first and as he drunkenly started to revive, he saw Chloe still quite deeply under from the gas used. 
 The tech told me that she watched as Bailey staggered slowly over to Chloe and started gently licking and pawing her.  He sat unsteadily next to her as she slowly revived.
I love this boy.  He is such a wonderful soul.

At $215 per dog to have it done, it was not inexpensive.   I know that gum and dental care helps keep the rest of the body healthier.  Preventive maintenance, in health, is worth it.

 But the thing I have learned about owning and competing with Bailey - It is not an inexpensive hobby. 

But it sure is a less expensive hobby than cars, motorcycles, boats or horses.

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