Sunday, January 31, 2010

Simon, a Vizsla, learning about a training collar

Jim brought Simon, a two-year-old male Vizsla, out on a walk with Bailey and Chloe.

Jim had concerns over Simon chasing coyotes in the open spaces where they walk. So after a couple e-mails we met at 9am this morning.

We had a great two hour walk in the Shell Ridge open space. First I showed Jim how I use the training collar on Bailey. Then I had Jim place the collar on his wrist and starting at level 1 and working up to 4. I explained, as he felt the different levels of stimulation, how and when I use the different levels.

We then placed the collar on Simon and worked with Jim on how to use it. Simon learned very easily. We only used the collar six times. These were times when Simon would come up to another dog while we were walking and do some posturing and making growling noises. A quick "leave it" accompanied by a light shock got Simon to leave the other dog alone. Jim could see how it worked. It's all about the timing and amount of correction needed.

When we were almost back to the parking lot, we came across a couple with their little three-year-old female Vizsla. The boys enjoyed this new female. Bailey did his ear chewing of this sweet little girl that he likes to do to ones he likes. He is such a Romeo in his own mind.

Jim tells me he is going to get a training collar for Simon.

There is a comfort level walking in the open spaces with the feeling of control that a good training collar gives you. These are especially helpful if you own a free-spirited and large-running Vizsla like Bailey.

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