Monday, January 11, 2010

A Vizsla in the desert

This was such an enjoyable weekend in the High California Desert!

Pictures don't do it justice.

The night in the desert sleeping in the back of the Jeep made me remember that I am not in my twenties anymore. My bones still ache two days later.

The people I met out in the middle of the desert are great folk.

Some I have met at past field trials.

The judges, cooks, field trial secretary, bird planters all work at making these trials work. Some of the judges spent 11 hours on their horses judging dog after dog and trying their best to be fair and balanced.

Betty Meadows, who was doing the Vizsla Club of Southern California field secretary duties, did a great job for her first trial.

Three courses were being run at the same time. This is extremely difficult to coordinate -- 130 dog entries in six separate skill levels over three days.

My hat is off to all the volunteers.


Ken said...

That sure looks like Roger Poole on that horse that looks like it's getting squashed! Now that's a travelin' Man - coming all the way to Mojave from the Portland OR area. Looks like everyone is having a good time!

Andrew Campbell said...

Rod: you're absolutely right, it's volunteers that make trials a success or not.

Looks like a great spot.