Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Redbirddog coming to England

This April I am planning a trip to England and Germany for business.

I have to leave my Chloe and Bailey at home and will need a Vizsla fix by the end of the month.

I'd very much like to go on a Vizsla Walk in the New Forest area during the last weekend of April with other Vizsla enthusiasts.

I plan to be in England for about four days doing research into emissions of construction equipment in England. This may take me to other parts of the country also.

If there is a pub or two involved in any walk, that would be just fine.
Comments or ideas welcome.

Cheers from California.


Radar Red Dog said...

Hi Rod...it goes without saying that you're welcome to stay with us - that way you can be guaranteed loads of vizzie fixes! Let us know your exact dates so we can arrange a whizz (including a couple of English pubs) for you! Juliet x

Amanda said...

I've got a handful of Vizslas in England on my list...you might check with them.