Friday, January 1, 2010

105 posts since June

With the start of 2010, all the posts for 2009 now go into the archive files.

There have been 105 posts done during 2009 and almost 1800 visits to the blog. I hope people have enjoyed and learned more about field trials, traveling, training, and just living with these great dogs.

I have had a great time sharing our lives with Vizslas and Vizsla enthusiasts.

Thank you to all the Redbird dog fans and followers. Redbirddog is now the most popular listing on several international web browsers under many Vizsla topics.

As I learn more about Vizslas and sporting dog field trails during 2010, I will continue to share what I learn.


harry said...

I stumbled across your blog and had to read all entries in the span of 2 nights. I just had to read them all...what a blast you are having with these wonderful dogs.
We have a 9 month old male Vizzie and found your info very informative.
Thanks for everything, cannot wait to read what 2010 has in store for Bailey and Chloe.

Keep it up.


Rod Michaelson said...

Welcome to our little part of the world and the adventures we have as we go out and enjoy nature with these wonderful dogs. Good luck with your little guy. Field trials are enjoyable if you don't get TOO wrapped up in the competition. Good folk that do this type of thing.