Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Green broke dog with a green handler

This is the green I like 

Being a green handler with a green broke dog.



1. not fully developed or perfected in growth or condition; unripe; not properly aged: This peach is still green.

2. unseasoned; not dried or cured: green lumber.

3. immature in age or judgment; untrained; inexperienced: a green worker.

4. simple; unsophisticated; gullible; easily fooled.  (Well, maybe I don't like this one, but it could apply.)

5. fresh, recent, or new: an insult still green in his mind.

Two "green" handlers with their "green broke" dogs starting a Gun Dog brace
 6. full of life and vigor; young: a man ripe in years but green in heart.

E-mail to Randy Berry (Bailey and my trainer this summer) after the weekend:


Looks like you had some good runs.  We did too even though we didn't get around in any of the three braces.

Just got back from the South Coast Vizsla field trial last night. 1,089 miles Friday morning to Monday night.

Bailey ran in ALGD, OGD and AGD.

He had a great point on the first bird in OGD but took steps on the shot towards the downed bird.  I couldn't woop him as I had to duck or get shot by Ellis. The bird ran before it flew and then went right over my head and then Bailey's. Bailey did stop and looked back at me when I yelled.  He knew he had blown it.  I put him back in place and held him there while I went and picked up the bird and put it in my vest pocket. Then we walked back to camp.

He had a great honor on the first bird in ALGD. The judge though he was on his own bird but looking at Bailey's eyes I knew he was honoring the other dog.  This was from 35 feet away.  He held great through the flush.  A chucker was running down the road a few minutes later and crossed Bailey's path.  He was running it down according to the judge.  I didn't see it.  We were done and walked back to camp.

Sunday in AGD Bailey held point beautifully through two shots.  Ellis didn't get to shoot the first bird because it flew right over the judge's head, but got the second bird we came across about 5 minutes later.  Right to hand  Bailey came with the bird from 50 yards away.  Bailey was running big for the judge who had stated he wanted to see "some big running."  The judge, D'Alasandro, was following me after the gunners and other judge followed our birdless bracemate.   The three of us crossed some wide open space to the far ridge at about 20 minutes out.  Bailey went behind a huge rock and the judge said Bailey pushed up a bird.  Bailey had run around the rock so fast he must have just spooked it up, according to the judge, but he did chase.  I didn't see that one either.

D'Alasandro let me finish the round even though we were out. The other handler was far to the rear with the gunners and other judge with his GSP.   Bailey pointed one more bird with great style and I blanked it off.

The judge told me without the bump Bailey, in his opinion, would have won AGD.  He was the best looking dog he had seen over the weekend and he liked how he was "put together."

The things you worked with me and Bailey on are slowly coming together.  We are still green but we are getting better each time out."

Posted by the senior member of "The Green Team."

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