Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December California beach Vizslas

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In the Central California coast city of Santa Barbara, there is a dog- friendly beach named Arroyo Burro.

" It's "real" name is Hendry's Beach, but you won't see any signs proclaiming this. At the same time if you ask a local where "Arroyo Burro Beach" is you might get a funny look. Nobody, I mean NOBODY, calls it that.

It's a good beach for walking and a great beach for dogs it has little else to offer. For dogs you want to turn left, after you cross the slew it's a "No Leash" area. For walking I recommend turning right and watching the sunset. It's a chilly walk into the wind but when you turn around the wind and sun are at your back and it becomes much warmer. Better chilly on the way there than the way back I say. There are also some outdoor showers if you want to rinse off your feet. "

 Here well-mannered dogs may enjoy the waters and sandy beach leash free.

Bailey and Chloe really enjoyed the surf. They both have no fear of waves and on this day the waves were very small.

Not bad weather for December 13th, 2010.


Amanda said...

what fun! I love that they "work" together to bring it back. Can't wait ot take my girls back to the beach.

Ken and Janet said...

Looks like Awful December weather too... shorts and polo shirts and sunshine!