Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Placement for Bailey in Open Gun Dog

This evening, we got the call that Bailey took fourth place at the German Shorthair Pointer Club of Oregon  Field Trial held in Tgyh Valley, Oregon today.

  This was a horseback trial against the strong and tough "Deutschland Uberhunds."
The first three places went to the German dogs.

This was his first run against "the big boys."

  Bailey was handled by Randy Berry, our trainer and mentor.  Bailey has been in training full-time with Randy for three months. 

Placements are given to the top four dogs.  All four winning "Open Gun" dogs were trained and handled by Randy.

There were eighteen dogs in the Open Gun Dog group.

Good boy Bailey.  We are all very proud of you.
I will see Bailey in Madras, Oregon in a couple weeks.  I'll run him in Amateur Gun Dog off horseback. 


John Connelly said...

Well done Bailey! Confused though - did you run him Rod or someone else? JC

Rod Michaelson said...

Bailey is being run by Randy Berry, the professional trainer that I have had Bailey with for three months now.

Radar Red Dog said...

That's fantastic news Rod...well done Bailey! Juliet

Ken and Janet said...

That's Fantastic Rod! Go BAILEY!

redhotdogs said...

Rod, I knew that Bailey could do it when Deuce and Red worked with him at Randy's training field. He impressed me with his staunch points, honors and obedience to his handler. Congratulations and good luck with his future.

Gordon and Linda