Monday, September 20, 2010

Madras - My first Gun dog braces with Bailey

Madras Oregon September 19th.  Ran Bailey in both Amateur Gun Dog and Limited Amateur Gun Dog.

Bailey went "bird less" in Amateur Limited Gun Dog.

Earlier in the day I handled him in the Amateur Gun Dog stake.  This was my first and second time EVER handling a dog in a Gun Dog trail.  He was a "derby dog" before.  Derby was much easier.

Of the four dogs in the stake, Bailey and one other Vizsla qualified for the "call back."

Bailey had run the brace well, but I made some very rookie mistakes, that after Bailey retrieved the bird to hand in the call back he was the only dog to receive a placement.  SECOND with first place withheld.

There is so much more to learn now and I really enjoy the sport.
It rained extremely hard Friday night and Sunday morning with scattered showers the rest of the weekend.
Randy Berry and Kathi Boyd at the "line" ready for a brace.

Videos and more pictures added later.  Had to get home to meet my new human granddaughter "Lily"  who was born this morning.

Stay tuned.  Bailey and I have taken the next step. 


Radar Red Dog said...

Many congratulations to both you, Rod, & Bailey...all that training is really paying dividends - can't wait for the next installment. Congratulations too on the arrival of Lily - big hugs - looking forward to seeing the photos!!

Ken and Janet said...

That's fantastic Rod! I know you're feeling the "Rookie" thing, but the secret truth is we all make handling errors. You've got loads of good times in front of you with Bailey! Looking forward to sharing them with you!

Andrew Campbell said...

Congratulations, Rod! That's awesome. Sticking at it in spite of rain is the sign of both an addict and a professional-in-the-making. Looks like it was a great setting.