Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hidden Treasure - Coloma Resort

110 miles east of Walnut Creek along the banks of the American River lies the town of Coloma.  Across the historic Coloma bridge (built in 1913) to the great little camping and RV park called "The Coloma Resort."

This is the third year we have gone to this resort in the fall after Labor Day.  It is a family-friendly resort whose owners and managers love our well-behaved dogs.
While Bailey was running his red fur off up at the Pacific Northwest Pointing Breed field trial, Chloe, Joanie and I enjoyed the refreshing waters of the American River.

Our little 1989 Aero Cruiser makes camping enjoyable.  Small enough to get into all spots and large enough to make a weekend away a comfortable vacation.  The raft made floating down the river enjoyable.
And give Chloe the chance to swim after a thrown ball -
 she is in nirvana.

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coot57 said...

Looks like a nice place. I will have to put it on our future visit list