Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bailey is home!

After three months away at "boot camp" Bailey came home this morning.
  I am happy to have our boy home. 

We had one more training session out at Hasting Island with our professional trainer, Randy Barry. 

 Bailey handled perfectly on three planted birds and on the retrieve, he brought the downed bird right to my outstretched hand. 

Bailey had left our house in mid-June an accomplished "derby dog." 

 Now in late-September, I brought him home a "green broke" hunting / field trial dog.  We can give the German Shorthairs and other great pointers good competition as we get better and better.

November 22, 2009 I wrote to this blog:

Well, Bailey and I spent the weekend at the German Wirehair Pointer Club field trial in the wonderful foothills of the Sierras around Sonora.

There were 9 dogs in Open Derby (Under 2-year-olds). Five German shorthairs and four Vizslas. "Open" allows for professional handlers. This was a horseback handled field trial so all contestant's were upon their mounts. I borrowed a friend's horse for the event.

All the other eight dogs were handled by professionals or long-time field trial folk riding their own steeds.

We came home from the weekend and I felt every bit the amateur I am.

Can I compete against much more knowledgable handlers? Can Bailey compete against stronger and tougher dogs?

I guess I have to believe in the Hollywood heroine pictured below to carry on.


As of September 25. 2010
Little Mr. Sunshine has arrived and I am slowly getting better at handling him.

We are looking to many great adventures in the wide open fields this fall and winter. 
Hope to see some of you as we continue our escapades in search of birds, ribbons, and some very cool places.

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