Sunday, October 18, 2009

The point is getting stronger

Bailey's point is getting stronger and firmer. He has lost his "puppiness" and found his "inner hunting dog."

We kept at "break" training and he is getting the idea! He had
the training collar on but never needed or used it.

When you are 100 feet away and you see your dog freeze on point after running full speed through the field, this is a feeling that I have never duplicated.

As Joe (our trainer) and I walked up to Bailey, he didn't move a muscle. He even holds for a picture.
When I flushed the birds, Bailey is to not "break" after the bird. He must hold steady. Two of the three birds, that I released into the air, Bailey held his position and didn't pull on the lead. Joe lead him away and off we went looking for the next bird.

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