Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to slow down a Vizsla that eats too fast

Chloe gives me a look that tells me - "Dad, I'm hungry!"

Dividing kibble, green beans and ground turkey in a muffin baking tin has slowed Chloe down on how fast she would eat. What used to take her a minute to "wolf" down a meal now takes her about five of steady effort.

Chloe is on the "princess" diet. Unlike her brother, Bailey, who can eat and eat and not put on pounds this is not the case for our girl.


Cindy Mommsen said...

Ahhh, she's so cute eating out of her muffin pan. She's just like Turbie...the food is gone in 30 seconds.

Radar Red Dog said...

Hi Rod - just wondered if you'd considered raw chicken wings to help Bailey put on a few kilos?
Radar's a BARF dog i.e. raw meat, raw offal, pulverised raw fruit & veg & raw bones (some minced but chicken wings & lamb ribs whole)...& no dairy products or cereals. Chicken wings may help him with his weight if you want to increase it a bit plus the raw bones are brilliant for keeping teeth clean & tartar free!

Rod Michaelson said...

It is so hard getting past the age old idea of never giving a dog chicken bones. Bailey gets frozen cow knuckles as a treat when we go out to keep him busy. The supermarket sells cooked and nicely seasoned chickens for about the same price as raw so we have chicken quite often, we just never have to cook it.

Hoping to hit some trails soon.

Radar Red Dog said...

I remember being quite horrified when Radar's breeder introduced us to BARF & particular the idea of eating chicken bones. But as long as they're raw there's no's only cooked bones that can splinter & caused issues! Juliet

Brisztow Jones said...

My mom thinks this is a great idea and might help to slow me down too.

Brisztow Jones.

Ruby & Sophie said...

What a great idea, Sophie eats in seconds also, I think i'll try this :-)

Thanks for the comment, your 2 look like they enjoy a wonderful life