Saturday, October 24, 2009

Late October bike ride with Vizslas

Can life get much better than a cool fall morning on grass covered trails in the hills in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay?

When I put out a post to Vizsla Walk (a Yahoo group in the SF Bay Area for Vizsla owners) that I would be heading out on Saturday morning for a trail ride, Cindy with her two Vizslas, Remo and Turbo showed up and the six of us headed out for a 90 minute trial run and ride.

After 90 minutes it was time for a quick dip in a pond before we headed back home.
Life is good for a Bay Area Vizsla.

Tomorrow I'm going to work off horseback with Bailey out in the countryside around Davis, California. We are doing this to get ready for next weeks field trial. Should be fun. Post how that goes tomorrow night.

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