Monday, October 5, 2009

Dog "Disneyland" along SF Bay

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Vizsla owners have found the joys of "Point Pinole".

Most Sundays at 9:30am you can meet 10 to 25 other Vizslas and their owners walking the trails with their dogs in wonderful off-leash packs.

We missed yesterday morning's walk. Later in the day, we found ourselves coming home from the north and stopped by the park for an hour of dog bliss.

15 miles northeast, as a seagull flies, from San Francisco is Point Pinole Regional Park. Part of the East Bay Regional Park District.

For over 70 years in this area dynamite was made. Once the factories closed, the area was deserted until the area became park land.

Here good dogs are allowed to be dogs along the open fields and groves of eucalyptus trees.

Sunday after 4pm we had most of the 2,315 acres of dog wonderland to ourselves.
Here sea gulls are not an endangered species and people and dogs are equal.

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