Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wirehaired Vizsla gets full AKC Recognition

A wonderful breed finally is recognized in the US
 Post from AKC about the Wirehaired Vizsla introduction modified to just reference this breed.
... An expert hunter joins the AKC Family
(Monday, April 28, 2014)The Wirehaired Vizsla Gains Full AKC Recognition
New York, NY
 The pack has expanded!
The American Kennel Club® (AKC®) announced today the Wirehaired Vizsla will be welcomed to its litter of recognized breeds this year, growing AKC’s family to 180.

...Wirehaired Vizsla is an athletic breed with an excellent nose for hunting and tracking, the Wirehaired Vizsla joins the Sporting Group. The breed originated in Hungary as a hunting dog that could withstand extreme weather and rough field conditions, which is why they have a long, dense, wiry coat. They are gentle, outgoing, friendly dogs that make wonderful companions. Because of their athletic nature, Wirehaired Vizslas do best with active families. Additional information on the breed can be found on the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America’s website at

The breed will be eligible to compete beginning July 2nd of this year.

To become an AKC recognized breed there must be a minimum number of dogs geographically distributed throughout the U.S., as well as an established breed club of responsible owners and breeders. Breeds working towards full recognition are recorded in AKC’s Foundation Stock Service® (FSS®). More information on the process can be found at

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