Monday, April 14, 2014

Out Fox Protection

"STOP!  I know better", 
I told myself Sunday as I hiked the hills above our town.
Foxtails are now the thickest I have ever seen them and they are drying out quickly. Billions of them.  Each one dangerous to the health of my dogs as they dry.
A nasty barbed weed in the nose is an immediate emergency trip to the vet and a $500+ charge.

Monday I went out again into the same area.  This time Bailey and Chloe were wearing their Outfox headgear.
The rattlesnakes were out on this warm spring afternoon.  Our rattlesnake avoidance classes came in handy as the dogs avoided the two poisonous snakes we came across.
Link to my 2011 post on rattlesnake avoidance training

But the dogs did not have to avoid the foxtails.  They could run with abandon through them.
This invention has taken the fear of the hills in the late spring and early summer away.
Great job Diane (local business woman)  for developing this fine product.
Here is a link to another friend that sells them:

Happy and safe trails.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder Rod! It is most definitely a heavy year for foxtails. I know people think their dogs look silly, but Silly is the new Smart!