Friday, April 4, 2014

The Saving of Walnut Creek Open Space (+playlist)

My little city of Walnut Creek is very dog friendly and has some wonderful open spaces and Bailey, Chloe and I take full advantage of them.  Forward thinking people creating a safe and healthy environment.

"Did you know that Walnut Creek has more public open space per capita than any other city in California? If you love the open space that surrounds our fair city, find someone who was here in the '70s and thank them. That's when a determined group of residents banded together to lead the effort to permanently protect our hillsides."

Thank you!

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Scott said...

Rod, Thanks for the history. I moved to Walnut Creek in 1977 so I missed this effort, but I've enjoyed walking that open space along with others that might not be there if that effort had not been made.