Saturday, January 25, 2014

Canada Geese and Vizslas in Tahoe

Early January 2014 found us in South Lake Tahoe in a very nice rented five-bedroom house in the Tahoe Meadows. A long-established gated community just one half mile from the casinos.  Being the second week in January, it was almost deserted because of the lack of snow at the ski resorts.
Hooking Bailey and Chloe to my mountain bike, via "the Springer," with them wearing their mushing harnesses, we headed for the short ride to the lake shore.

There we found two flocks of Canada
 Geese relaxing along the water's edge this cold January morning.
 The mountains to the west had snow cover and the sun came out and lit up the eastern slopes before the sun hit the lake.
Since this was a "on-leash" complex, I followed the letter of the law and left the two dogs leashed up together in their mushing harnesses and lead.
After sending the birds drifting out into the lake, Bailey spotted the second flock to the east. 

Of course, they had to send these birds away from the shore also.  Chloe thought for a second to try out the water, but it was COLD!


Ken and Janet said...

hi Rod - welcome back to civilization!
Just an editing note - a common written error - it's Canada Geese, not Canadian, I know, I know - peevish, but it's one of my pet peeves! :-)

Rod Michaelson said...

Never knew that. But if they are from Canada and they are here, wouldn't that make them Canadian? Kinda like all the Canadian snow birds I met in Quartzsite, Arizona. Maybe they should be Canada Snow Birds. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well with your two and four legged family.

Ken and Janet said...

One would think, but it's actually the "species" not the land of origination. If that were the case, Likely most of them would be "Tahoe" geese or Idaho/Montana Geese as fewer and fewer "Canada" Geese migrate from Canada and are actually relatively local. :-)

See, I learned ya something!