Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A First time Pheasant Hunt

Ok, here is my attempt to capture my thoughts on today's experience.  - Ryan
My New Favorite Sport
Today I had the privilege of observing Bailey in action.  Rod was kind enough to invite me along on a pheasant hunt.   I wasn't sure what to expect,
I have heard Rod's tales of Bailey's numerous hunting excursions and seen the multitude of ribbons marking his accomplishments, but hearing and seeing are two very different things.
  Now, I have seen Bailey race through the woods on hikes and play with my daughter at Rod's house, but watching him hunt through the tall grass, go on point, and then retrieve a bird was special.
 The only thing I can equate it to is watching a professional athlete.  Much like a great athlete, you are first captivated by their agility and strength. 

 Then you come to admire the skill and discipline it takes to master a craft.
  It was thrilling to suddenly see Bailey on point, still as a statue, waiting, waiting, until the bird is flushed, shot, waiting, until Rod gives the signal and then boom, like a rocket he races through the grass and comes bounding back with a bird between his teeth.
  I would definitely buy a ticket to watch that again.  

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