Sunday, December 22, 2013

Classic Pheasant Hunt

Winter solstice hunt. 
Shortest day of the year. 

Bailey running the fields of Hastings Island this cool 27 degree Sunday morning at day break (7:20 a.m.)  
My long time friend, Grant, joins me behind Bailey hunting the elusive pheasant.
Bailey slams on point and pins a pheasant.  Grant getting into position. 
Bailey stays steady as I search out the coverage.

Still looking as Ken (Willowynd) takes these pictures of a classic open field pheasant hunt.

A moment later, a pheasant pops up and flies to the east.  Right into the rising sun.  I took a shot, as Ken ducked.  I had hit the bird at 40 yards and it went down (I could tell I did not kill it with the shot). 
 Bailey was sent for the retrieve. 
Would he retrieve it?  YES. 
Right back to me (bird was still very much alive and not at all happy).

  His experience a couple weeks ago long forgotten!

 Ken and Grant walking along with me behind Bailey.

Grant's German Shorthair Pointer, Cinch, at the end of the hunt.  
 Four nice pheasant were taken this morning.

How Grant was going to cook up the pheasant:

Cut and pound breasts into 1/4" thick strips.
Dust breast strips in flour seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic.
Fry seasoned breast strips in pan with a little olive oil until light brown.
Sauté mushrooms in butter, add Marsala wine add (capers or lime juice).
Pour mushrooms wine and what you like over breasts and heat to your liking. 
(10 minutes or so)
Serve with wild rice

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