Sunday, December 29, 2013

End of Year Hike along Carquinez Straits

Today, December 29th, we took a hike in the hills above the Carquinez Straits on the Martinez side.
The hike started at the staging area on Carquinez Scenic Road just west of downtown Martinez.
Once I parked the Jeep, another car followed into the parking lot.  As I unloaded the dogs, the other car's two occupants got out out with a Vizsla.  This was 15-month-old Jasper.  A great looking and well-behaved young intact male.
The first question they had for me as they came out of their car was,  "Are you Redbirddog?" 

I told them, "Actually I am." 

 We had an enjoyable time talking about these wonderful dogs we own.  The three dogs had a splended time searching for critters in the canyons, forests and hills.

At one point, about an hour into the hike, I heard the sound of turkeys squawking in the distance to my right.  A few moments later, as I looked into the sky, 30 turkeys flew overhead into a far valley.  A minute later Bailey came back with a huge "smile" on his face.
  What a knucklehead  
He does love his birds.


Kay said...

But a sweet knucklehead! kay

JoeMc said...

I'm surprised we didn't see you! Jenny, Moka and I were also at Carquinez Straits this morning, though we entered on F Street. Jenny found a huge flock of pigeons, and later we saw a coyote and deer.

Colin Hickle said...

It was great to walk with you. We had stopped ahead on the trail to water Jasper when Bailey had flushed those turkeys. It was quite a sight to see with Bailey happily in chase of those big birds.

Rod Michaelson said...

Bailey has never caught one but has given some exercise over the years. He is a very smart dog and has come across turkey nests on the ground with chicks in them and just leaves them alone. Turkeys fly quite well when they have to.