Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quartzsite Mountain Hike

Lazy Daze, Honda Trail 90 and mountain bike ready for use.

Quartzsite, Arizona, January 15, 2014.  After 659 miles on the road, we arrived at our camping area where Bailey, Chloe, and I would boondock with other RV owners for the next eight days.
The next morning, we watched from the motor home as the full moon set over the tallest peak overlooking Quartzsite. 

This peak was going to be our first desert hike.  This was going to be about a nine-mile round trip.  I made sure my Camelback was full of water.
For the first few miles, we could follow ATV and off-road tracks, but as we got up into the actual mountain area, there was no trail to follow.
The vistas of the surrounding desert were fantastic. 
Down below were thousands upon thousands of folks enjoying the desert in their motorhomes.
This was a tough hike on loose shale and rock.  Great way to start our vacation in the desert.

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