Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hidden Treasures - Tahoe Meadows

In South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Meadows has been around since 1924.   Very dog friendly and safe area.  You enter the area through one gate with a pass code.  Once inside the area, there is maybe a hundred acres to enjoy.  As we walked the dogs a couple came up and said they lived in Tahoe Meadows and owned their own two Vizslas.   We exchanged information and said we should try to get together this summer.  Sounds fun.
For four days Joanie and I hosted a family gathering in a VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owners)  pet-friendly house we had reserved six months ago. Each day the dogs and I would head out for some exercise in the gated community.
The area has seen SO LITTLE snow this year that the cover is very light.  Three years ago the lake had ice about 100 feet into the late from the shore.  This year there was no ice on the lake at all.
On the third day the clouds came in and the snow finally came down for all of two hours.  It was very light and didn't stick. 
The next morning the snow and clouds had passed by and left the sky blue and the air crisp.  The dogs enjoyed a run through a few meadows.  This is a "dogs on leash," area but there was no one there so I let Chloe and Bailey do some running.  They loved the smells on all the bushes and followed scents from bush to bush.

From the house the dogs looked out and watched squirrels darting from tree to tree. 
This was a wonderful vacation with dogs and kids and grandchildren.

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