Monday, May 27, 2013

Vizslas Come Across Coyotes

About four miles into our hike this morning in the Castle Rock area south of Walnut Creek we came across these two coyotes howling away.  Across the canyon I could here another couple howls in response.  Both Bailey and Chloe have learned to leave coyotes alone over the years of our hikes.  Bailey by training collar and Chloe the hard way by having a coyote take a nip at her.
I know I feel better walking with my Buck 110 on my belt.


Anonymous said...

Good .223 range

Anybody who thinks coyotes can't take down a domestic dog, even a Vizsla is mistaken. They work well in packs and have daily experience killing things to eat.

Unknown said...

I wish I had known that I had coyotes in my area. I found out the hard way when they came to my property one night and my Vizslas were lured away by them.. with my female getting attacked by them at their den and then hit by a car and killed while running away from them. Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

I wish I had known that coyotes were living in my area. I did not know until one night they came to my property and lured my Vizslas away (the dogs broke the gate to chase them). Then my female ultimately was attacked at the den and chased. As she ran away she was struck and killed by a car. We miss her terribly. Thank you for your post. Hope it helps someone!