Sunday, July 31, 2011

Young Coyote Teaches Vizsla

One hour into our walk this morning, Bailey and Chloe came across a hill loaded with ground squirrel dens.  The squirrels were running around as the dogs chased them back into their holes.

  I have come to notice that up in our wild spaces, where these "squirrel towns" exist, coyotes end up being close by.
This area was perfect for a coyote den:  water, cover, and a steady food supply.

This lone young coyote was interested in what Bailey and Chloe were doing around his "dinner table" and came out to see what was going on.
Bailey ignored the coyote and went on forward. He had tangled with them before and does not find it all that interesting.

 Chloe was interested and so I was glad that this young coyote taught Chloe an important life lesson.
As I watched, Chloe went running up to the coyote.  The coyote hunkered down.  When Chloe came within 5 feet, the coyote charged and snapped at her.  This all happened within 20 yards of me.

 She came running back to me with her tail firmly between her legs.  The reaction was what I wanted.  I hadn't set it up, but it worked perfectly.  No injury. She learned that coyotes do not want to play with her.

One on one, a coyote and a healthy Vizsla are fairly equal.

 But coyotes hunt in packs. That is where coyotes become dangerous.

Lesson learned. 

Leave coyotes alone.

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