Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HSUS close to winning against "breeding" in California

Soap box warning!
Vizsla lovers around the U.S.  Please understand that the Vizsla, as a pure-bred dog, is under attack here in California. 

 "Mutts Rule" is the slogan most used by PETA and HSUS. 

I never want Redbirddog to be my political "soap box."  That is another aspect of my life that I try and keep separate from my love of Bailey and Chloe and the Vizsla world community.  

"Mutts do not rule in my world!"  Healthy breeding practices should be applauded and not held in ridicule by uninformed animal rights activist.

The way it is going, I will need to show pictures of a Vizsla to my grandchildren so they can know what a Vizsla looked like.  I'd rather have them grow up around these wonderful dogs. - Rod

The notice was sent to me by Gordon and Linda Strohmeier. San Franscisco Bay Area Vizsla lovers for over thirty years.
"Alert your friends, neighbors, and co-workers!"

SB 917 was slyly passed the Assembly last night  (July 11, 2011) and is on its way to the governor’s desk!  I am sure HSUS pushed Lieu very hard to do this quickly because they know people are very upset about this bill and that opposition to it is exploding throughout California and beyond. This is HSUS’ last ditch effort to save their bill.

I just received word from Diane Amble that she has been contacted by a major television news outlet about her recent article in “American Thinker”.


 The reporter will be exposing AB 1117 and SB 917!!  Stay tuned. More to follow as news breaks about this!!!

We are doing a great job everyone! We need to keep doing what we are doing. Please follow the instructions below.

We must all contact the following people and media immediately. To oppose SB 917, we must now melt down the phone lines and fax machines at the governor’s office.

 This is make or break time folks!!

Also, for now we need to contact on these media sources. The Sacramento Bee and Aroundthecapitol are go to news venues for Jerry Brown. They need to be informed about these horrid bills and why their passage will be terrible for California .

Here is the critical contact information:

You may contact Governor Jerry Brown by :
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

Or write to the  Sacramento Bee
2100 Q St., Sacramento , CA 95816
P.O. Box 15779, Sacramento , CA 95852
(916) 321-1000

Go to this link and hammer it with our opposition hard!

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Ken and Janet said...

Rod, I appreciate your soapboxing. I anticipate the Democrat governor will sign the Democrat bill and then Democrats in California who have dogs will blame everyone else for it happening. Until people start voting the issue when electing THEIR REPRESENTATIVES then we all get the LA and Bay Area Liberalist agenda. Too bad, so sad - glad we've got Galt's Gulch.