Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lily - An Honorary Vizsla Pup

At eight months old, our granddaughter Lily is part of the pack.

"A dog bowl with water.  I love it."
Pup Lily comes upon Bailey.

"I'll just climb up on you Bailey."


Lily enjoying a cup.  Bailey and Chloe eyeing the cup.
Little Rowdy is Lily's dog.  Chloe sporting her "calming vest."

Spent an enjoyable weekend up along the Russian River with all the pups.


Naomi Faulkner said...

she loves her red dog auntie and uncle. i am not looking forward to the day that i have to break the news to her that she is a human and not a dog

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Luna enjoys kids too, especially while inside (outside she usually just wants to be hunting for things) But she is very tolerant of them, and LOVES to get them in the face, she grew up with my SIL kid and they both love each other. Wyatt has also gotten pretty good with kids, he is a little excited at first but calms down well now and is tolerant too.

Do you notice the calm vest working with Chloe?

Juliet said...

What a gorgeous little girl Lily is & it's so good to see how relaxed she is with her four-legged siblings!
Juliet x