Friday, May 17, 2013

Hidden Treasure: Morgan Territory

Thursday night at 5 p.m. we started a great walk in the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve.

Link to the park's website:

From park's website: Park Features

"Sandstone hills within the park's 4,708 acres are adorned in spring with more than 90 species of wildflowers, including the Diablo sunflower (Helianthella castanea), which grows only in the foothills of Mount Diablo. Deer, coyote and even the elusive mountain lion may be seen here, and a variety of raptors frequently soar overhead.
Expansive ridgetop views reveal Mount Diablo to the west, Mount St. Helena to the north and the snow-covered Sierra to the east. Lowland valleys cradle the headwaters of Marsh Creek."

The view from the trail shows huge amounts of the central valley of California.

Trails go for miles and miles.  We had the whole 4,708 acres of wonderful foothills for Bailey, Chloe and myself to explore and experience to ourselves. 
Mount Diablo in the distance seen from the south eastern direction.
Thick oak trees covered some of the hillsides along the hike
Dozen of cows grazing in the meadows along the trails as Bailey and Chloe run past

The weather on this spring late afternoon was perfect.  Scattered clouds, 20 mile an hour breeze and temperature in the mid 60's.  It can get HOT out here in the summer.   I carry a three quart water backpack on walks like this for the dogs and myself.  The three of us drank two quarts in two hours.

A cool dip in the pond afterwards for the dogs.

If the weather is right this is a great park for hikes with Vizslas.  The 9-mile Morgan Territory Road, from Marsh Creek Road gets very narrow for the last 4 miles.  Basically a one car wide winding road from the Concord side.  The access from the Livermore side is MUCH better. 

Trails taken: Volvon trail, Blue Oak trail, Stone Corral trail, Coyote trail.


Ashley Qualls said...

*jealous* I'll have to send Reuben on a hike with Cooper sometime. He's missing out due to Riley's knee injury. Reuben takes him running in our neighborhood, but he loves getting out in the hills and exploring.

Kirsten Eilertson said...

Any foxtails along these trails?

Rod Michaelson said...

Very few foxtails. There are some but the smallest amount I have come across in the East Bay.