Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hill Run with Vizslas

The hills are wonderful right now.  Just spent yesterday driving Interstate 5 down through the Central Valley of California.  As I drove hour after hour, you look around a the land is flat like much of the middle of the United States. 

A smell in the air.  Deer?  Yes, deer seen one minute later
 Made me happy with the choice we made years ago to settle in this area.
A hike for me is a run for Bailey and Chloe in these hills.

  Pictures from this morning's two hour hike / run in Castle Rock Regional Park, Walnut Creek, California.

The freedom to run

The picture entered into the HVF photo contest

One or both ears love to flip over.


Aussie Vizsla Diaries said...

Hey Rod, where is this in relation to L.A.? I spent some time around the area a few years ago and am interested to see if it was anywhere near where I went. One place I did enjoy, which might sound odd to you, was the Topanga canyon area. For an Aussie it was awesome seeing wild Coyotes everywhere. Near ran a few over while riding a bike through the Topanga canyon rd!!

Rod Michaelson said...

Walnut Creek is 400 miles north of LA and 25 miles due east of SF. The northern and southern parts of California used to be very different but with the "chain stores" and mass merchandising over the last 30 years the difference is getting less and less. The "wild" spaces are there. Very few people take advantage of them. Fine with the pups and me.