Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thundershirt and New Year's Eve

Chloe HATES fireworks and thunder.  At sunset last night I placed Chloe's new Thundershirt on her.
By the time the neighborhood let off the New Year's fireworks Chloe was safe in her crate, in her sleeping bag and wearing her Thundershirt.
For the first time in four years she was calm through the noise of the celebrating happening outside.

 We put it on Chloe at 6pm.  She didn't like it at first and her tail was down under her behind.  She went into the back of the house but an hour later came back out into the living room.  She was comfortable with the Thundershirt.

So thumbs up to the Thundershirt for our noise fearful female Vizsla.

Update:  Chloe gets featured in Thundershirt  Company Blog:

Too Cute.


Kay said...

It worked for Scooby when he was starting to suffer from doggie senility and would pace most of the night. With his Thundershirt on, he'd sleep the night through.

Amanda said...

So glad to hear it worked & it looks warm :)

Ange said...

G'day from Australia! I have a very stressed out Vizsla girl who went missing New Years Eve during the fireworks (escaped from house) then 1 week later escaped again during an unexpected thunderstorm and was picked up by some Jetskiers (thank goodness) about 1klm across the lake near us! We are now very, very, very anxious when we leave her and have borded up any exit/entry points (she broke a metal doggy door) and lock her inside the house when we go out. We are going to try the Thundershirt but she is a small girl, weighing 15 kilos but mearsures 70cm around chest. I don't know whether to order a Medium or Large thundershirt? Can you tell me what size you got Chloe?
Many thanks

Rod Michaelson said...

I bought Chloe a large size.

On the package:

Medium 18" - 26" chest 20-50 pounds

Large 24" - 32" chest 40-70 pounds

The large fit very well on Chloe.

Good luck.