Sunday, January 1, 2012

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association and the Vizsla

When Bailey was 6 months old, I took him to a Pre-Natural Abilities Test, at the recommendation of the breeder.  This preview and seminar was put on by the local chapter of NAVDHA.  He had a wonderful time with the birds and the instructor told us what the judges would be looking for at the "Natural Abilities Test" that was going to take place two months later.

So, when Bailey was 8 months old, (Spring of 2008), we headed down to a public hunting area west of Fresno, California for a weekend of testing of young pointing breed hunting dogs.  The Natural Abilities Test is just that.  Three judges came from all over the West to see what these young dogs have Naturally.

The Natural Ability Test which is designed to evaluate the inherent natural abilities of young dogs and gain insight into their possible usefulness as versatile gun dogs. It rates seven important inherited abilities: nose, search, tracking, pointing, water, desire and cooperation

After the weekend was over the scores were given to the group of 20 dog owners that took place.  Bailey had scored a perfect 112.    His litter mate, Nikki, and Bailey were the only Vizslas there.
This gave me the confidence to get more involved in field trial competitions. 

Great organization that sure is worth a look for any young Vizsla owner.  You'll see what you have in your "hunting dog."  Not all hunting dogs are created equal.

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