Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rock climbing with Vizslas

Before the rain came and the San Francisco 49er play off game started, Bailey, Chloe and I took a hike and climb into the hills of Castle Rock Regional Park.

Great walking and climbing in the Castle Rock area.

Higher and higher we climbed into the sandstone rock formations.

Bailey needed four paw drive for some of the climb.

From the top of one of the peaks.

Down from the peak.  Dogs loved the rocks.
As we walked back down, Bailey came across a couple covies of quail.  He held and then the birds flushed when I came close.

Directions on how to get to this hidden treasure:

O.K. completely off subject.  Excuse me but I am a Jeep nerd.
The last three pictures came from later today in an Oakland parking lot.
VERY RARE 1960 Jeep FC-150 pick up truck

81 inch wheelbase classy all wheel drive MINT CONDITION

1960 FC150 and 2006 Liberty Renegade parked next to each other

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