Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Versatile Vizsla

Jenny Hawthorn from New Zealand did a great write up of the "too soft" Vizsla as a hunting dog.

"Time and time again I hear it said, “The Hungarian Vizsla is too soft to be a good hunting dog”. And to those who say it, I agree totally. However for those who look beyond the soft front and accept it I am more likely to point out what an awesome hunting dog the Vizsla can be when treated and trained correctly. Paradoxically, the soft dog is also as hard as nails!"

Another excerpt:

"So, a soft dog? Yes, if you consider one who likes to stay close to its beloved owner soft. Yes, if you consider one that sits on laps and does not understand why it should be out in the yard if you are in the house soft. Yes, if you consider one that will cringe at some historical harsher training methods soft. But not in its ability to go all day; not in its enthusiasm to work; not in its willingness to go through thickest cover or coldest water to find and retrieve game. Once the Vizsla owner comes to understand that they have a companion hunter, a friend with them in the bush, out on the tussock, or by the riverbanks, life just keeps getting better. Those who want a tool they can train and work and put away in kennels when not in use will never want nor appreciate the Vizsla. "

The rest of the article is below. A great read!

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