Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Think Bailey Forgot How to Hunt

Just got back from a morning at Hasting's Island Hunting Preserve.  Bailey has forgotten how to hunt as a team.  I'd love to find some excuse but I have none.

He loved running the fields and can find birds.  But a "Master Hunter"?  Not even close.  Some fellow Vizsla hunter friends were at the club house before we went out each in our own directions..  They were out training their dogs.  Their dogs are Master Hunters or future field trial stars.

We brought home a pheasant for dinner, but the dozen birds that either Bailey flushed early and chased or the three birds I missed didn't make for a good hunt.  With lots of false "points" thrown in to keep me guessing - bird or pile of feathers?
But it was a great morning out in the fields.  Very nice weather with a refreshing breeze.
Maybe we are not good hunters, but we sure had a good time for four hours. 

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Harry said...

Have faith. Bailey is still a good hunting dog. It takes time.
During our test Kian will make false points at piles of feathers all the time, it's annoying but it happens.

Keep it up.