Sunday, October 30, 2011

Experiencing the show ring up close

A show handling friend of mine looked over Bailey as we were getting ready for "the ring."
  Lynn asked me if I had been hunting with Bailey.  "Yeah, a few times." I told her.  "It appears he has pulled a muscle in his right back leg.  He's not putting much weight on it." she responded.

Bailey also was having trouble being around some of the intact males in the ring and in the waiting to show area.  Some growling action when the other dogs got close.   This was from the other dogs and also from Bailey.
 My friend Lynn suggested that I handle Bailey today as he seemed to be under better control with me around other male dogs and that Bailey would be happier and more comfortable.

So, I said "Sure, what the heck.  We're not competitive anyway with a bum leg and we are here."
So we had another Vizsla adventure.

We came in fourth of four in our group.  The "thanks for coming" placement. 

Then we went to Hastings Island for some bird fun with five Vizslas: Bailey, Teke, Barley, Rose and Little Belle (Bailey's daughter). 


Juliet said...

Well done Rod - I can't believe how relaxed you were...I'm still a quivering wreck after nearly a year of this showing stuff! And well done on 4th place...if the US is anything like the UK, judges can withhold placings if they think the dog isn't up to scratch. I think Bailey is'll just have to practice more!!!


Cosmo said...

Rod knows how to just be there and do nothing else!