Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A New Vizsla Movie

We are owners of a special breed. The video does the Vizsla justice.
The song "I am the Vizsla" is a great tune playing in the background.

"Huge round of applause to the creators Jan Wallace and Allyson Lyons!
Great production and wonderful music." - Kay

To support Vizsla Rescue Haven please go to:
Help your favorite rescue group win grants! Vote every day and increase their chances.
We will be keeping score.

This will take you to the next page's central panel and then type in Vizsla Rescue Haven .....and CA

for the $300,000 Shelter Challenge!
You can do it every day and I HOPE YOU WILL!


John Connelly said...

Great Rod, I admit to a slightly moist eye listening to this....

Jed said...

Hello Mr Michaelson,
I have been looking at your Redbirddog blogs with interest and noticed the Logo of the Black Vizsla pointing (Subjec - Training Collar posted on the 23rd April 2010) and absolutley loved it and would to use this to get a some Car Stickers done for a group i belong to North West of the UK who currently meet up with their Vizsla's for a walk, chat and at the end a beer. Please could you let me know if you created this clip art or where you got it from so i could find out if i could get permission to use it. Many thanks Jeremy

Rod Michaelson said...


Here is the link to where I got the clip art.

Hope the links work for you.

I bought the right to have a few jackets done.


Jed said...

Hi Rod
Many thanks for the information and love the Jackets, can i ask though did you just purchase the right to use that logo and get the jackets done yourself and if so did they send you the artwork to use?

many thanks Jeremy

Rod Michaelson said...

Anney Doucette created the logo and I paid her for the limited right to make two jackets. From there I had the jackets made with the redbirddog name above. Many compliments when we are out in the field. I bought 25 window decals and donated them to the local Vizsla rescue as a fund raiser.

Worked out nicely.

Anney is a great person who does nice artwork.

Tell her redbirddog sent you.